RT, MT, HT, DM, OH, #hashtag, @mention. What’s all this gubbins then?

I use many digital channels to share my ideas, help people and promote organisations doing useful things. But Twitter only allows 140 characters, so I have to be brief.  To save characters, I use abbreviations and other techniques to type more with less.  However, not all my followers understand what I mean.  Hence this blog post.

RT = Re-Tweet = your tweet is very well typed and I’ve decided to share it, as is, without changing a thing.  Well done you!

MT = Modified Tweet = your tweet has a message which I want to share, but I’ve had to modify it before doing so.  “Could do better”, as some teachers used to tell me (please feel free to ask me why I’ve modified your tweet and I’ll happily tell you).

HT = Hat Tip = Congratulations, you have inspired me.  I may not have RT or MT your original message, but you have sparked a series of connections and thoughts that will make the world better place.  You are obviously one very smart cookie, so will know how and why you’ve got my attention.

DM = Direct Message = I’m a civil servant and must remain impartial (see my Twitter Bio and http://j.mp/civservtweet) so there are some things I can’t discuss in public.  Please send me a DM in private, so we can continue this conversation.

OH = Overheard = I heard something that peaked my interest and decided to share it with you. The person who said it was probably a stranger, but names may have been omitted to protect the innocent.

#hashtag = a way of sharing and engaging with a wider audience, e.g. if I add #cmgr to a tweet, then anyone who is monitoring #cmgr will hopefully read it.  In this case, anyone interested in Community Manager stuff.  You’ll probably see me use #LocalGov a lot, as I am passionate about Local Government.  By the way, if you see #offline 201304300833 it means I’ve switched off my devices and disconnected from the internet.  The long number is the YearMMDDTime I did so.

@mention = I’m trying to get your attention, usually by asking you a question.  The easiest way to do this on Twitter is to @mention you, e.g. to get Merri Williams’ attention, I’d stick @geek_manager in my tweet.  I often mention organisations as well, so you can click through and read their bio + it’s a transparency thing, i.e. if I’m talking about you, it is only fair you know.

Well, I hope that helps. Please comment below if it does, doesn’t or there is something I should add or change.

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