#ukgc14; revolution not evolution?

A few months ago, I stepped up to the plate at work and asked if anyone was interested in forming a softball team.  Fast forward to today and despite some teething problems, the “GDS Griffins” are 2nd in the London based Publishers Softball League.

Now its time to throw another curve ball.

I’ve offered to help organise the United Kingdom Government Camp for 2014 and along with a merry band of fellow TeaCampers, I’m starting to think about where, when and how.

Right now, I’m only concerned about 2 things : –

1) where?

2) how many people?

Several venues have been suggested, including this year’s IBM Client Centre in London, previous year’s venues and a 500 person maximum capacity venue in Slough (which isn’t going down well on Twitter, as I type few people like).

So far, most people think sticking with London is best and around 200 people is “easier” to manage.

However, I like to mix things up.

What if everyone who wanted to take part, could take part?  (there is this thing called videoconferencing that I’ve heard of + we had 250 people at Microsoft London, 1 year).  Skype / Google+ Hangouts / another solution  +  multiple venues (each limited to 200 people).

Maybe we could try stretching the event over 2 days again, focusing discussion on day 1 and planning on day 2? (even though it was knackering)

So basically, what do you want? Same again? Something different? I’m all ears.

Please either comment below or preferably join in the conversation at the newsgroup and prompt your ideas on Twitter using the #ukgc14 hastag.