What impact would a Local GDS have on the market?


I’ve read some really great posts on all angles of the Local GDS idea in recent weeks from a lot of people I respect.

Ben Welby made a number of cogent arguments in favour.

Phil Rumens suggested why he thought it shouldn’t happen.

Eddie Copeland of Policy Exchange has argued strongly for it to happen – and I find much of merit in his riff about open standards being a critical enabler of change.

Sarah Prag added a particularly interesting flavour to the discussion, really focusing on exploring aspects of the problem rather than jumping to the solution

Rob Miller expresses many opinions I share in his post pointing to the potential stifling of smaller local providers if we take a monolithic approach.

And many people track the whole discussion back to a post by Rich Copley – itself inspired by Dominic Campbell’s tweet in December 2013.


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UKGC15 survey results – the complete data set

The United Kingdom Government Camp (UKGovcamp) is the free, annual unconference for people interested in how the public sector does digital stuff.

As one of the organisers, I used a survey to research user needs and help shape the 2015 event.

You can download the full results (including comments) in the following formats:-

The only surprise was that most people don’t want a souvenir, eg a t-shirt:

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 20.22.21

You can view all the bar charts by clicking here (excludes anything entered into a ‘free text’ field). I’ll publish a full writeup of the results in early August 2014.

Over the 4 days the survey was open, it received 319 unique visits and 120 completed responses.  Thats a 38% completion rate:

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 20.28.27