what I will do next

So heres the thing; I love local government (localgov) and anyone with a passion for it.

But as we march towards 2015, there are capability gaps in localgov and the wider public sector.

Some, possibly many parts are behind the digital curve.  But that’s the tip of the iceberg.  There are also policy, cultural and workload issues as well, to name but a few.  Basically, I’m referring to the shortage of resource and skills to deliver world class user centric services, both internally and with external help.

I will change that.

All over our United Kingdom there are talented people who can make things better.  So we’ll draw groups of 12 in to 1 place (lets call them the dirty dozeners).  Then challenge them to show us all how to ‘level up’.

With your help I will:

  • crowdsource challenges to be solved
  • crowdsource potential dirty dozeners
  • let anyone vote on the things above
  • tie dozeners into 6 week contracts
  • crowdfund the resources they need
  • match dozener’s skills to challenges
  • co-locate them into 1 open space
  • give them challenges and let them deliver
  • then send them home with fresh ideas, skills and solutions

Come the next election we’ll all have an alternative model to deliver the local things, on a national scale.

Thoughts?  I’ve created a kanban board which you can comment on (you’ll need a Trello account).

There was a hangout at 1pm Sunday 12 October 2014 which due out useful comments and ideas.

You can see (and add to them) via http://j.mp/localgovalpha-how-to-identify-the-dozen

The hashtag is currently #LocalGovAlpha.  Come get some

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