Civil service values

I’m typing this on a Sunday evening.

2 days ago I had an interesting exchange on Twitter.

It revolved around freedom of information (FoI) requests made to the Cabinet Office.

I don’t regret much in my life. But some of my tweets were a little close to the bone.

So I thought I’d review my understanding of the civil service values.

They require me to be:

  • honest
  • objective
  • impartial

and to do everything with integrity.

I am honest, maybe too much so sometimes. Often I say/type what I know to be true, before checking I should. This might be an unconscious attempt to gain favour.

I am mostly objective. I avoid subject statements. Where there is data to back me up, I use it.

Being impartial I find easy. I don’t discuss my political views in public. I avoid saying/typing things that might go against government policy.

Now. Integrity. Hmmmm. To me this means means being selfless. I put the interests of the public above my own.

Well, thats all I’ve got for now.

I’m off to read the civil service code and see if I’m right.