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Leaders will:

  • deliver programmes and priorities responsibly
  • live the civil service values
  • serve the public

We will all:

  • show pride and passion for public service
  • communicate with clarity and enthusiasm
  • value professional excellence and expertise
  • reward innovation and initiative
  • learn from failure and success

When engaging we will:

  • be straightforward, truthful and candid
  • surface tensions and resolve ambiguities
  • give clear, honest feedback to grow people
  • be collaborative in our behaviour and actions

We will empower our teams:

  • with authority to deliver clear objectives
  • to be visible, approachable and welcoming
  • to champion diversity and recognise its value
  • to invest in each other’s capabilities, always


  • be bold
  • be human
  • be yourself

4 thoughts on “Leadership

  1. I like this!

    If you’re up for additional suggestions then maybe:
    – something about seeking out and then rigorously using evidence to inform policy and action? This should include a high level of user/citizen collaboration (I think it is worth spelling that out?)
    – something about the political overview? Informing and implementing the will of the people as expressed through their democratic representatives? (you may feel that this is in the “civil service values” but I suspect some of the other things you spell out are too.)
    – something about never forgetting whose money it is!

    And then if you’re talking about senior leadership there may be something that is less about the individuals doing these thing themselves to a high standard (though they should) but starts to become about the way in which they create an environment in which these these happen.

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